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School of Energy and Power Engineering (SEPE) is one of USST's leading engineering schools and the largest at USST in term of the scope of its research activities. It has always provided high-quality university education in energy and power engineering and offers well-tailored programs at bachelor, master and doctorate levels. Its research activities are amongst the most active in China's thermal energy fields. SEPE is a constant and growing presence in the field of energy and power engineering.

 SEPE offers 3 undergraduate programs and 7 graduate programs, and has 7 academic institutes and 1 experiment center, 1500 undergraduate students and 606 graduate students.


Undergraduate Programs:

  1.  Process Machinery and Control
  2.  Thermal Energy and Power Engineering(Engineering Thermo-physics direction, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning direction, Power Machinery and Engineering direction, Thermal Energy and Engineering direction)
  3.  New Energy Science and Engineering


Graduate Programs:

  1.  Thermal Energy Engineering (ME, PhD)
  2.  Power Machinery and Engineering (ME, PhD)
  3.  Engineering Thermo-physics (ME, PhD)
  4.  Refrigeration and Cryogenics (ME, PhD)
  5.  Fluid Machinery and Engineering (ME, PhD)
  6.  Chemical Process Machinery (ME, PhD)
  7.  Fluid Mechanics (ME)


Academic Institute:

  1.  Institute of Thermal Energy and Engineering
  2.  Institute of Refrigeration and Cryogenic Technology
  3.  Institute of Engineering Thermalphysics
  4.  Institute of Chemical Process and Machinery
  5.  Institute of Fluid Mechanics and Engineering
  6.  Institute of Power Machinery and Engineering
  7.  Institute of New Energy Science and Technology




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