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The School of Optical-Electrical and Computer Engineering(OECE) is composed of the former School of Optical-Electrical Information Engineering(OEIE) and the former School of Computer and Electrical Engineering(CEE) in October 2008 according to the overall plan of USST.  


  • OEIE is composed of the former School of Instrumentation, USST and the former Shanghai Optical Instrument Research Institute according to the decision of Shanghai municipal government in February 1999.  
  • CEE is composed of the former School of Computer Engineering and the former School of Electrical Engineering in May 2007.



OECE has about 4000 fulltime students.  Among them, there are 3000 undergraduate students, 1000 master students and 100 doctoral students.  The school has about 250 faculty members.  Among them, there are 30 professors and 50 associate professors, including 20 doctoral tutors and 1 Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.


The School consists of 5 Departments and 1 Laboratory center.  They are:

  •  The Department of Optical-Electrical Information Engineering
  •  The Department of Measurement and Information Engineering
  •  The Department of Control Science and Engineering
  •  The Department of Computer Science and Engineering
  •  The Department of Electrical Engineering
  •  The Optical-Electrical Information Laboratory Center (Shanghai Experimental Education Demonstration Center)



The School has broad disciplines fields, including:

  •  Optical Engineering
  •  Instrument Science and Technology
  •  Electrical Engineering
  •  Control Science and Engineering
  •  Computer Science and Technology
  •  Software Engineering
  •  Information and Communication Engineering
  •  Electronics Science and Technology



It has 2 doctoral specialties:

  •  Optical Engineering (Shanghai municipal key discipline)
  •  Measuring and Testing Technology and Instruments (secondary discipline)



There are 7 master specialties:

  •  Optical Engineering
  •  Instrument Science and Technology
  •  Control Theory and Control Engineering
  •  Computer Science and Technology
  •  Electrical Engineering
  •  Software Engineering
  •  Signal and Information Processing (secondary discipline)



Besides, the school has 10 bachelor specialties:

  •  Optoelectronic Engineering
  •  Electronic Engineering
  •  Information Engineering
  •  Communication Engineering
  •  Intelligent System Engineering
  •  Measurement and Control
  •  Automation Engineering
  •  Eletrical Engineering and Automation
  •  Computer Engineering
  •  Network Engineering



The school has attached great importance to scientific research.  During the years, it has won up to 60 national or regional significant scientific research achievement awards.  Its annual research funding adds up to 30,000,000 CNY.  In the resent 3 years, it has got more than 30 national significant projects.  The projects include:

  •  Hi-Tech Research and Development Program of China(863 Program)
  •  The National Natural Science Foundation of China
  •  Chinese National Programs for Fundamental Research and Development (973 Program)
  •  National Science and Technology Support Program



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