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On March 8th 2012, USST established School of Social Sciences and

canceled the Social Science Division decided by the standing committee of USST party

committee. School of Social Sciences is not only the teaching apartment and researcher

institutes of Ideological and Political Theory course, also the supporting

institutes of Max theory. On March 2005, Marxist theory discipline had 5 staff

professors and 9 associate professors and 13 lectures including 5 PHD and 2 PHD

candidate. In the past 5 years, 185 academic thesis and 14 books as well as 3

English version works had been published. School of Social Sciences has already

conducted more than 10 projects and participated in the central Marxist

theoretical research and construction work with 240000 RMB project funding.

Also, School of Social Sciences has awarded provincial and ministerial-level’s

Science and Education Prize.

The ideological and political education discipline:

Main Courses:

Introduction to Basic Principles of Marxism、Marxism in China、History of

Marxism、Political Science Law、Ethics、Psychology、Pedagogy

Degree: Master of Law

Basic Theory of Marxism :

Main Courses:

Selected Readings in Marxist Original; Monographic

Study of Basic Theory of Marxism; The Basic Category of Marxist and Scientific

System Research; History of Marxism、Research

of Marxism Frontier Problem; Modern Science and Technology and Marxism; A

comparative study of Marxist Philosophy and Contemporary Western Philosophy;

Comparative Study of Scientific Socialism with the Contemporary Western

Socialist Ideological Trend;Comparing Chinese and Western Culture; Marxist

Economic Theory and the Contemporary Capitalism; An Introduction to Western

Marxism and Traditional Culture

Degree: Master of Law


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