General Survey of International Students Education in USST

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USST is among the first group of universities that can receive international students, as qualified by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. Since 2006, USST has been receiving international students taking degree programs at Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral level, or taking non-degree programs including Chinese language courses and exchange students program etc.


Currently, USST has received 4,000 plus degree pursuing students, exchange students, visiting students and Chinese language students. They are from over 109 countries, including Russia, White Russia, Germany, England, France, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Denmark, Serbia, Greece, Italy, Norway, Belgium, Finland, Austria, Iceland, Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia, Romania and Slovenia, Lithuania, Hungary, Estonia, the United States, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Cuba, Peru, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Dominic, Antigua and Barbuda, Uruguay, Bolivia, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, Mongolia, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Syria, Kyrgyzstan, Thailand, Cambodia, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Lebanon, Israel, Turkey, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Burma, Laos, Iran, Bangladesh, Nepal, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, North Korea, Sri Lanka, Yemen, Iraq, East Timor, Afghanistan, Egypt, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Mauritius, Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo , Kenya, Guyana, the central Africa, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Liberia, equatorial guinea, Uganda, Zambia, Morocco, Angola, Togo, guinea, Burkina Faso, Rwanda, Malawi, Vanuatu, cape Verde, Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and Samoa.


Entrusted by central/local government, USST administers Chinese Government Scholarship as well as Shanghai Municipal Government Scholarship to attract outstanding students pursuing Bachelor, Master’s or Doctoral degree in the university.


International Students Office is in charge of overall international students affairs while schools/colleges are responsible for academic and daily administration. In principle, international students study together with local students and are subject to same academic administrative rules.


USST provides full-fledged international education service. Programs are taught in Chinese, English, Chinese & English, Chinese & German. Shanghai International Education College provides high quality Chinese language courses, including pre-university Chinese, commercial Chinese, basic Chinese and HSK test tutorial, etc., that are designed at multiple levels to meets the needs of students from different levels.


The International Student Apartment provides international students with good lodging and living conditions. Sports venues and facilities like school gymnasium, ground track field, basketball court, tennis court, swimming pool, badminton court and table tennis court are open to all students. International student association also organizes all kinds of activities enriching extracurricular life of its members.


With a history of over 100 years, USST features in excellent international humanistic environment, outstanding cultural traditions, remarkable philosophy of schooling as well as high prestige at home and aboard, all of which provide favorable environment and conditions for both overseas students and domestic students.


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