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Last Friday we established our version of the German TV quiz show “Wer wird Millionär”. Therefore we divided the participants into two groups. In the beginning of every round Robin explained the rules about how to answer correctly and the distribution of points in German, then Jing translated it into Chinese.



Robin and Jing are introducing the rules


The first round consisted of multiple choice questions graded with 10, 20 or 30 points according to the level of difficulty. The questions covered categories like literature, culture, politics and economy and history.



Robin is correcting the answer


In the second round the Chinese students needed to make full use of their vocabulary. We played a game called Scrabble and after that each team need to write down as much German words as possible for the categories animals, fruits and sports. They had one minute and the team which spelled the most words correctly won.


The third and last round was called “You do, I tell” and each team needed to choose one person to act a bunch of German words were shown. This person then had to use his acting skills to express the German word without words. The team which guessed the most words that the performer showed right won the competition.


At the end there was a winner team but still every participant received a goodie bag as price. It was filled with German sweets like Haribo. Those three best performers, whatever which team they belong were received a box of German Müsli each as well. In the end we shot a group picture and the activity came to an end.




All students are taking photo together


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