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The last time at the German Corner, we celebrated Carnival or better known in Switzerland as the so called “Fasnacht”. This festival has a long tradition and its roots reach back to the 12th century. Until today, a lot of things changed and other countries don’t celebrate the traditional so called “Fasnacht” but Carnival. Carnival doesn’t have the same customs like “Fasnacht” does. However, Switzerland and also Austria maintained the customs of the traditional “Fasnacht”. This makes the “Fasnacht” in Switzerland to a special event.



Julia and the winner of the second place

The start of the “Fasnacht” is the 11th of November at 11:11am and it lasts until Ash Wednesday. After this, it’s the beginning of the Lenten season. This lasts 40 days until Easter.


Once we had given the students this kind of background information, we painted some masks because the masks are an important part of the “Fasnacht”. The students could choose which patterns they want to paint on their masks. Everyone had a different idea how to paint their mask. In that way, many different and colourful masks were created. There was also a competition about who painted the most beautiful mask. The German exchange student Caro Blocksberg received the greatest number of votes. So, the first price went to her. It was a cute animal which is used as a key fob and had the colours of the German flag. All the students had a lot of fun painting the masks.

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