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At this German Corner, everyone had a lot of fun. We played different kind of German games the whole afternoon. There was also some information given about the world’s largest toy manufacturers between playing games. The first one is Ravensbuger which is well-known for its parlour games and puzzles. This enterprise has its origin in Germany and it was founded 150 years ago. The other enterprise is the Danish company Lego which is well-known for its Lego bricks and figures. The students also learned that there is a “Ravensburger Spieleland” (Ravensburger games park) where you can play the games of Ravensburger but they are really big. There exist also “Legolands” in different countries.



chinese students are teaching Julia how to play chinese card game


After this presentation, we played different Swiss card games like for example “Tschau Sepp” (Goodbye Josef) but also the German card game “Halli Galli”. Later, the Chinese students taught a Chinese card game to the Swiss intern. She even won the game with the help of a Chinese student. In this way, there was a nice cultural exchange because the Chinese students not only learned German and Swiss games but could also teach a game of their culture. During playing games, we had some snacks and drinks. We had so much fun that we totally forgot the time and played longer than 5pm because the last game we played was “The Werewolves of Millers Hallow” which exists in the Chinese and the German culture.

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