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On Thursday, 2nd of December, the German Culture Centre invited Prof. Yan Min to hold a presentation on present German films and actors for the teachers and students of USST. Prof. Yan Min is a researcher and film critic at the Jiatong University in Shanghai. He had already held a presentation in March of this year on the development and characteristics of German films. Both of these presentations were very interesting.


Host of the presentation was Mr. Zhou Weidong, director of the German Culture Centre. He first introduced Prof. Yan Min and, after that, the presentation on present German films and actors started.



Prof. Yan Min ist giving his presentation


Prof. Yan Min started his presentation by analysing the international film market. Furthermore, he mentioned the current situation of the films of Hollywood, China and Germany.  More and more Chinese film directors copy the model of Hollywood; that’s the reason why the Chinese film market experiences a slack. Prof. Yan Min added that films should always represent the culture and they should not be globalised.


In comparison, the German film market always focused on its own culture. 35% of the films in the German cinemas are made in Germany. At the same time, directors of German films attach more importance to the background meaning of the films. Afterwards, Prof. Yan Min explained the three characteristics of present German films: localisation, homesickness and immigration.


To conclude, Prof. Yan Min told something about German actresses and actors. Most of the German actresses and actors played or still are playing in theatres. Therefore, it is easier for them to represent the roles in a more realistic way. He mentioned that the Chinese actors need to learn that. At the end, the students and teachers had the opportunity to ask some questions and, afterwards, there was a discussion about their opinion on German films and actors.

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