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On the 4th of November, a piano recital with Albert Mamriev took place in the occasion of the 110th anniversary of USST. The host of the concert was Tang Jin, pianist and professor for piano at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. The concert took place in the music hall of the USST. Every seat in the hall was occupied. A lot of teachers and students of USST came to listen to this concert but also people from outside.




Albert Mamriev


Tang Jin presented the pianist’s biography to the audience which let them have high expectations of Albert Mamriev. In fact, he didn’t disappoint the audience with his piano playing. His fingers were gliding smoothly over the keyboard while he was fully concentrated. His playing let the quotes of the newspapers become truth: The “pure virtuosity”, how the Nordbayrische Kurier, a German newspaper, called Albert Mamrievs piano playing, could be experienced in all of his pieces. The pianist played four different kinds of pieces. Tang Jin introduced all of the pieces to the audience before they were played. He started with the “Hungarian Rhapsody No. 8 in F-sharp minor” and went on with a song from the opera Tannhäuser: “O thou, my gracious evening star”. His passion for Liszt is not only reflected in his choice of the first two pieces but also in the third one. It was “Phantasiestück über Motive” from the opera “Rienzi”. His final piece was “Trois Etude de Bravoure” by the French composer Charles-Valentin Alkan. After a long applause, Albert Mamriev decided to play another three pieces to satisfy the enthusiasm of the audience. After the concert, Albert Mamriev and Tang Jin received flowers as an expression of thanks. There was also the possibility to take pictures with Albert Mamriev.

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