17 chinese students that applied as volunteers for the organisation of the German Culture Centre’s various activities attended the first “German Corner”. A german exchange student who also voluntarily works for the German Culture Centre introduced himself and his home university which is Berlin School of Economics and Law .


Afterwards the German Culture Centre’s Chinese intern introduced herself and reported about what happened at previous events in the past semester.


Another future intern of the German Culture Centre introduced herself.



The self introduction of Robin

Then the students started to play a game that is popular in Germany called “Going to Jerusalem”.


The game works in a way that the participants walk in a circle around a couple of chairs while music is playing. In this case it was music by the Austrian musician Falco. As soon as the music stops every student has to find a seat as fast as possible. Each round one chair gets taken away, so that one participant has to stand. In the end there is just one winner left. Subsequently the chinese students introduced themselves in Chinese and German following the order in which they lost at the game.


In the End, coffee, tea and snacks were served and everybody could ask questions about their future tasks in supporting the German Culture Centre or just get to know the others in a casual environment and have some small talk.



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