On the 15th of December, the big Christmas Party took place for all the volunteers who helped at the events of the German Culture Centre. 30 students celebrated Christmas together on this day. There were also some German exchange students who joined the party. The room was festively decorated and there was even a Christmas tree.


The event started at 3pm, when we began baking Christmas cookies together. Some of the Chinese students baked Christmas cookies for the first time in their lives. This was definitely a special experience. After the cookies were baked, the Chinese students could decorate the cookies with sweets and they could make an icing. The German exchange students helped them and taught them how to do it.


At 5pm, the official Christmas dinner started, so more and more students came to the Culture Centre. We ate pizza, self-made cake and self-made chocolate fondue. It was a real festive meal because German people always eat a lot on Christmas. During the meal, the German students suddenly had the idea to teach the Chinese students a German Christmas song. So we all sang together “Oh Tannenbaum” (engl. O Christmas tree) and the Chinese but also the German students had a lot of fun. That’s how the Chinese students experienced how Christmas is celebrated in Germany.?



All the volunteers of german culture center


An eventful semester with a lot of different kinds of events came to an end with this Christmas party. We can look back to a nice and successful time with a lot of experiences with the German but also the Swiss culture.

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