On the 9th of December, the last concert took place on the occasion of the 110th anniversary of USST. The German Culture Centre invited the Chen Weiping Cello Ensemble, which contains eight cello players. Chen Weiping, who is the founder of this Ensemble and one of the main musicians, is originally from Shanghai. He studied at the Shanghai Music College and, today, he is associate professor for cello at this college. Besides that, he was the first Chinese who was invited to join the Saito Kinen Orchestra in Japan. Every year, this orchestra chooses other musicians and the concerts take place at the Saito Kinen Festival Matsumoto. Therefore, it is a great honour for a Chinese to be invited to join this orchestra. Wang Ayu, the second main musician, teaches at the Shanghai Orchestra Academy. Chen Weiping was her teacher during her studies. In 2015, she was honoured with the Alexander Technique Certification for her efforts at the Balances Art Centre in New York.


The programme of the concert contained different compositions from various European composers like van Beethoven, Haydn and Vivaldi. The cello players interpreted the compositions in different line-ups each time and, in this way, presented a varied programme to the audience. Chen Weiping always gave an introduction to the audience about the composition before the musicians played it. As an encore, the musicians played the famous theme song of Mission Impossible. The audience was very delighted by this choice.



the Chen Weiping Cello Ensemble 


After the concert, the audience had the opportunity to get signatures from the cello players and also to take pictures with them.

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