On the 7th of December, the German Culture Centre invited Prof. Marcus Hernig to give a presentation about the Christmas culture in Germany. Marcus Hernig is a German author and studied German language and literature studies, sinology and history. He has been living in China for more than 20 years and he looked intensely into the Chinese and German culture and wrote books about it.



Marcus Hernig


In his presentation, he explained to the Chinese students and teachers what the meaning of Christmas is and what the background is of all the Christmas customs in Germany.


He told that some German people say that Santa Claus brings the gifts on Christmas and others say that the Christ child brings the gifts. He also mentioned that people in Europe celebrate Christmas in different ways. In his presentation, Marcus Hernig talked only about Germany. He also touched on other subjects like the meal and the gathering together with the family which is very important on Christmas. On Christmas, the meal is always quite sumptuous and people eat a lot. Beside the food, of course the Christmas gifts and the Christmas tree should not be forgotten. One German approximately spends 241 euros for Christmas gifts each year. The Christmas decoration in the shops, on the streets or at home creates a Christmas atmosphere long before Christmas day. This is Christmas in Germany.


After the presentation, self-made mulled wine and self-made cake were prepared. The afternoon ended with a nice gathering together and, like this, some Christmas atmosphere was created at the German Culture Centre of USST.

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