This German Corner was totally dedicated to the cultural exchange between China and Germany. Two Chinese students shared their experiences they had when they made an exchange in Germany and the foreign intern told about her experiences she had in China and shared what the differences are between the Chinese and the German culture.


the assistants are sharing their own experiences in Germany


All lecturers experienced that the Chinese and the German culture are quite different. You can already see that in the small things like food or family life. One of the Chinese students told about her semester abroad at a German university, what kind of things are important for the applying process and, of course, she also shared what she experienced during this semester. The other Chinese student told about her experiences she made as an au pair in Germany. She spent one year as an au pair there. She told about the difficulties she had with the other culture, about the things she learned during this time and that it was a valuable time there. She said that you learn to be more independent and you learn a lot about yourself.


After the presentations, the Chinese and German students who came to listen asked a lot of questions and they also shared their experiences with each other.

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