On the 11th of November, another concert on the occasion of the 110th anniversary of USST took place in the music hall. It was again organised by the German Culture Centre. This time it was a Lieder evening. The two opera singers Laura Alonso Padìn (Soprano) from Spain and Eva Wenniges (Mezzosoprano) from Germany and the Taiwanese pianist Yin Chiang gave the concert together. The three musicians are not only highly talented but they also are internationally successful. Laura Alonso won numerous prices and awards at international song contests, Eva Wenniges got numerous fellowships and Yin Chiang gave her first concert with orchestra as a solo pianist when she was eleven years old. This also included a tour through Taiwan. Furthermore, she graduated from the Mozarteum in Salzburg, Austria.


Mister Zhou Weidong who is the director of the German Culture Centre welcomed the audience in Chinese and German to this concert. The audience was very mixed. A lot of foreign guests came. The number of Chinese guests was, of course, still higher than the one of the foreign guests. The hall was filled to capacity.


After the welcoming of Mister Zhou Weidong, the musicians entered the hall. Laura Alonso opened the concert with the songs “6 Gedichte von N. Lenau und Requiem by Robert Schumann”. Afterwards, Eva Wenniges followed with a selection of songs by Franz Schubert. The opera singers were always accompanied by the pianist Yin Chiang. Other solo songs of the two singers followed.



Eva Wenniges, Yin Chiang, Laura Alonso Padìn  


Not only the singing convinced the audience of the singer’s talent and enchanted it but also the facial expressions which underlined the lyrics and reached the heart of every person sitting in the room. The highlight of the concert were the last four songs they sang as a duet. The harmony between the singers and the pianist was simply perfect. The powerful voices filled the hall so that a microphone was definitely not needed. The audience was delighted and the musicians did an encore after continuing applause.


After the concert, pictures were taken and there was also the possibility to get a signature from the musicians. It was indeed a great evening.

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